Gustav may bring 'catastrophic' flooding to our area, according to state reports

Gustav's predicted path, as of 8:30 pm Saturday night (NOAA)
Gustav's predicted path, as of 8:30 pm Saturday night (NOAA)

The state of Texas' State Operations Center (SOC) has released a situation report tonight on Hurricane Gustav, and they're predicting heavy prolonged flooding from Gustav right here in east Texas, even as we're recieving thousands of evacuees from the Gulf Coast.

The hurricane is expected to enter the Gulf at  Category 4 strength, where it's expected to strengthen to a Category 5 as it makes landfall sometime Monday night.

The report reads in part, "...all models have Gustav making a westerly movement after landfall which will result in a heavy rain/flood event in East Texas. The probability of a heavy flood/rain event in East Texas regardless of track changes is a very real certainty. Gustav will make a major catastrophic impact on Texas as either a catastrophic landfall hurricane or an extended heavy flood/rain event."

This report comes as mandatory evacuation orders to take effect early Sunday morning were issued for New Orleans and other counties along the coast Saturday night.

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