Briarcliff Health Center bringing special needs evacuees in from New Orleans

Special needs evacuees from a nursing home in New Orleans are on their way to Tyler this weekend.

Briarcliff Health Center in Tyler sent ten volunteers to New Orleans early this morning. They are now on their way back to Tyler as we speak with 90 evacuees. 28 of them will be staying at Briarcliff.

"It's a humanitarian effort. If we don't help other people then what are we here for. We wanted to help after everything that happened last time, especially help make it more organized and easier to get them here. We know a lot of them might end up living here, so we will see what happens,"  said Cheryl Austin, the director of nurses at Briarcliff Health Center.

Several other nursing homes in Tyler, as well as TJC's Ornelas Health and Physical Education Center will also shelter nursing home evacuees.

Courtney Lane, reporting.