Freedom Fighters: Charlie Stackhouse

For two thousand ten days, longer than the entirety of World War Two, Charlie Stackhouse was a prisoner of the North Vietnamese. Shot down during his second tour of duty April 25, 1967, Naval Pilot Stackhouse was shot down during a mission over North Vietnam.

Like his fellow prisoners, including Presidential Candidate John McCain, Stackhouse endured torture, unbearable living conditions and starvation. Each day was a test in survival and many did not survive.

On March 4,1973, Charlie Stackhouse was released only to find that the world had drastically changed during his years of captivity. He found that his fiancee had married someone else three years before hos release, that Neil Armstrong had walked on the moon, and that just about everything cost double. A Silver Star, Bronze Stars, Legion of Merit, and twenty Air Medals, only begin to tell the story of Charlie Stackhouse's service to our country.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting