East Texans react to McCain's VP choice

Similar to Senator Obama, Sarah Palin is a political newcomer. Many of you don't know much about the Alaskan politician.

Originally from Idaho, Palin is the current governor of Alaska, and was elected in 2006.

She is know to some as an ethical whistle-blower within the Republican Party. She's against abortion rights, and has served as the chairwoman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

Palin is married with five kids, a self-titled 'hockey mom'.

"I think she is excellent, I am thrilled."

"She hasn't been in office long enough to be chosen, I think this is a ploy to get a woman on his side," said Roxie Mayfield.

"I think it's the perfect compliment. I just do."

Around town, the news of Sarah Palin spread fast, with many thinking McCain's choice a great thing for women voters.

"That she is a mom. That she has a son in the service. There are several things that I thought that she has done that helps women make up their mind," said Wanda Cook.

"I think he really displayed his maverick image and brought forth a really strong candidate," said Judy Stanley-Tyler.

"I think she is knowledgeable, I think she's charismatic. I think she knows what she is doing and she is tough. All the things I listened about her on the news about her playing hockey, she went into office, she has a 80% percent approval rating in Alaska," said Suzanne Mahon.

"I liked her stand on drilling and Anwar. I think it's something we have to do and I think it would help our economy," said Judy Stanley.

Others had already decided on an Obama ticket.

"Based on that, I've pretty much decided who I'm going to vote for," said Carl Dean Coleman.

Smith County Republican Chairman Ashton Orvitz was shocked at first, but thinks Palin is perfect.

"She's obviously a woman, she's conservative, she's from Alaska so they have good beliefs. She's NRA, she's pro life and she's a perfect compliment to McCain and I think she will really help the ticket," he said today.

The ticket is now set, and the choice is up to Americans.

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Danielle Capper, reporting. dcapper@kltv.com