ET Biggest Cowboys' Fan: Bennett Battles Cancer With Cowboys & Church

All of his life, Barry Bennett has been a Dallas Cowboys fan.

"I really remember Super Bowl VI," Barry said, "that was January 16, 1972. That was my tenth birthday. That one I can remember really well."

His memorabilia collection has been perfected over a lifetime, just like his love for his favorite team.

"Back in those days, Staubach, Pearson, Dorsett, I like them all but I think the nineties are going to be hard to top. Emmitt has been my favorite player."

Barry's love of the Cowboys is legendary, his minister says it even it spills over into his Sunday school group.

"They start off with some small talk," Reverend Wayne Spanhanks said, "and then hopefully get to the lesson."

"Every Sunday I have to go up there and nudge them off of the playbook, and back into the Bible," he laughs.

"We do waste a little bit of our Sunday School time talking about that," Bennett admits.

"It's a little disturbing sometimes," Reverend Spanhanks chuckles, "when I'm preaching and I hit a really good point, you expect an 'Amen!' Sometimes you get a 'Go Cowboys!' from somebody, so you have to watch out for that."

Back in May, Barry was diagnosed with cancer and treated for lymphoma in Houston. With five treatments to go, he's trying to get them moved home to Longview, for his family...and his football.

"Dallas's first preseason game, I was down in Houston and they didn't carry it down there. I was pretty upset about that."

Wherever it takes him, Barry's just glad there's another season in his future.

"I'm going to watch the games," Barry said. "I probably won't be able to get up and jump around like I'm used to, but I'll watch the games."

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