Do you see Jesus in this moth?

The stories come from all over the world - people who see the face of Jesus on everything from furniture to snack foods. Now, some east Texans say they've spotted Jesus on a moth. Now, members of a local church show KLTV 7's Courtney Lane their heavenly catch.

From rocks to a Cheeto, it seems people are finding the image of Jesus everywhere.

Now from east Texas, check out this living, breathing moth!

"His hair right here and you can see the mustache and the beard and there's a little slit right there that looks like His mouth and when he would move the mouth would open so it looked like he was trying to talk to you."

Kirk Harper spotted the moth on an RV trailer Monday, and right away could tell it was unique.

"I immediately thought it looked like Jesus and that was what was so cool cause you've seen His face in grilled cheese sandwiches and windows and things but on a moth's back...we thought that was pretty neat."

Jesus not on the wings of a dove, but the wings of this moth.

The RV shop's owner immediately took it to his church.

"It's an amazing thing."

Brother James Jordan thinks the patterns do resemble Jesus better in person than in these blown-up pictures.

But he adds, that's all it is.

"I don't want to bow down to it. It's not Jesus, it's just an image on something God created."

But this creation has become the talk of the town in Pittsburg, prompting Jordan to give this reminder at church.

"The word of God says that all creation declares His glory... but we're also warned in Romans 1 that we shouldn't worship created things. We should worship the Creator."

A Creator which he says can reach out to us in strange ways.

"If He can do that on a little moth, He can do mighty things in our lives."

Some church members say they'll be glad to sell the moth. They would donate the money to the church's relocation fund.

Courtney Lane, reporting.