The Faces of Bill Clinton

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When Bill Clinton watches his wife Hillary give a big speech, you can bet everybody's also watching him watch her.

With a kiss of a hand, Bill Clinton settled in to watch his wife's speech. The faces of Bill were all on display, from lip biting to nail biting. As Hillary was cheered, his eyes seemed to fill, and he mouthed "I love you."

Barack Obama watched Bill watch Hillary. "He's choking up," said Obama. "Listen, when my wife's up there I was like 'whoa'...means a lot," but near tears soon turned to laughter.

"No way. No how. No McCain." and Bill loved the pantsuit joke. "To my sisterhood of traveling pantsuits." Barack liked it too.

Those pantsuits had traveled to this same stage hours earlier for what was described as a "light test," and apparently the orange won.

Story and video courtesy of CNN Newsource.