Athletic Renovations Source Of Pride For Chapel Hill Community

While most East Texas stadiums will get their first crowd of the new season on Friday night, the newly improved Chapel Hill Bulldog Stadium got a pre-game warm up Tuesday night.

The Bulldogs celebrated their stadium and athletic complex renovations. They now have a new turf field, along with separate field houses for girls and boys and new concession stands.

Athletic Director Phil Castles said the Bulldogs have something the kids and teachers can all be proud of.

"They're excited," Castles said of his athletes. "They know what they came from. We did not have the best facilities before. This is something our community can be so proud of. It's really been a focal point for us as far as building a foundation. We feel like we have that foundation built so it's kind of nice to have new facilities on that foundation."

The Bulldogs put their new turf to the test Friday night against Palestine Westwood.