Local Hallmark store opting to not carry same-sex marriage cards

As we reported last week, the Hallmark Corporation announced it will soon be carrying same-sex wedding cards. The company started offering coming out cards just last year. In light of the recent news, one local Hallmark store took it upon themselves to make sure the public knows they won't be carrying the cards, calling us to let us know.

Today, KLTV 7's Danielle Capper spoke to the owners and customers about the decision.

Shopping for cards at Leewright's Hallmark in Tyler, there might be a few less options. That's because the owners aren't going to carry the new same-sex marriage cards.

"We are not going to carry them. Absolutely not. 100%," said owner Tammie Leewright.

The four cards make no mention of wedding or marriage, only expressing 'best wishes'. The company also owns a Christian line of cards - Dayspring.

"It's not like Hallmark to do this," said Leewright.

Hallmark mechandise only makes up half of Leewright's overall goods.

They say they have the right to say no to anything, especially after getting several phone calls.

"Customers have been calling us since yesterday when it came out through Family Matters. They are saying if we do carry the cards, they will not shop at our store," said Leewright.

We asked shoppers what they thought of Leewright's decision.

"I am glad that this store has decided not to carry the cards," said Fred Marshall, a Tyler resident. "If the store did decide to carry the cards I would not boycott the store for that reason. I wouldn't be happy, but I wouldn't boycott."

"I am a Christian and I don't condone homosexuality. But if I didn't patronize every store in town that I didn't agree with who manufactured it, or the life of the person that sowed the dress, or made the vase, I would really not be able to do any commerce. I would be stuck at home," said Kay Spradling of Tyler.

Others saw no reason the store shouldn't carry them.

"I think they should. I mean, it's still money coming in, regardless. Its not like you're losing anything," said Nesha Johnson of Tyler.

"I think they should have an option, you know, the option to purchase those cards," said Bert Aime, also of Tyler.

Leewright's isn't the only Hallmark store in east Texas, and today, I spoke to six of the other stores. They, too, said they won't be carrying these cards.

Danielle Capper, reporting. dcapper@kltv.com