13 local law enforcement agencies get together to share info on burglary spree

13 east Texas law enforcement agencies spent this afternoon together, trying to connect the dots as a suspected gang goes on a burglary spree across east Texas.

We've learned that investigators believe this gang is responsible for over 30 crimes that go all the way back to October 2007.

In fact, last week, authorities believe they hit three separate businesses just in Wood county. KLTV 7's Danielle Capper was at that meeting in Winnsboro and brings us this report.

It's those incidents last week in Wood county and the realization of just how many they believe are all related that caused Winnsboro Police Chief Miller to call the meeting.

Today 13 of the 17 agencies gathered to discuss notes, compare surveillance video, and review possible suspects. They have hit Brookshire's, Sonic's, convenience stores - almost always using a stolen car that is later ditched at another location.

"This is becoming a major problem. They are getting more and more bold each and every time. It's getting dangerous for law enforcement and citizens," said J.L. Miller, the Winnsboro Police Chief.

"It's always good when law enforcement come together and share information because this is not a isolated incident. All these different businesses are in different locations in different cities. to put information together and hopefully we can apprehend these people," said David Dickerson of Upshur County.

This video from last Friday morning shows two masked black males hooking a chain to the stolen Yukon. They try to drive away with the ATM but the chain breaks.

They then went on to smash into a Hawkins convenience store, but that too was unsuccessful.

Authorities do have suspects. They believe its not 2 or 3 set individuals but a gang that works together. They also say it's the same method of operation and their dress.

They usually hit the stores between 1:00 am and 5:00 am in the morning when the businesses are closed.

They use a stolen vehicle to smash the window and steal the ATM or safe.

One agency isn't leading the investigation at this point, but they do plan on contacting DPS investigators to see if they will come in and help.

Danielle Capper, reporting. dcapper@kltv.com