Longview man charged with putting baby in scalding water, leading to severe burns

John Montana (Gregg County Sheriff's Office)
John Montana (Gregg County Sheriff's Office)

A Longview man stands accused of putting a 10 month old baby in scalding hot, 141 degrees water.

22 year old John D. Montana was arrested earlier this month. Doctors told the Harrison County d-a the baby girl was held at the back of her neck and knees "in a fetal position" and placed in the water.

The DA also said Montana tried to blame the incident on another child in the home, a three year old. The baby girl is still in a Dallas hospital being treated for third degree burns.

21 year old Nicole Michelle Montana was also arrested. She may be indicted for endangering a child by omission.

At the time of his arrest, Montana was under a Child Protective Services supervised safety plan which prohibited him from having any contact with the baby because of "a previous incident which occurred in April," the DA said.

Cathryn Khalil / ckhalil@kltv.com