Smith County woman's RV turned into treehouse during Saturday's storm

An east Texas woman's home has been turned into a tree house after a storm rolled through east Texas over the weekend.

Thousands of you lost power when trees and power lines all over Smith county came tumbling down.

But, as KLTV 7's Molly Reuter shows us, that's not all one east Texas woman lost.

"From as far as you can see from either side is nothing, but trees..."

Call her Jane of the jungle...

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing."

Because Tarzan's girlfriend would fit right at home here.

"The tree limbs were actually inside the door because I had the door open, so we had to pull the tree limbs out to get out."

Two days after a storm trashed her brand new RV, Nancy Hawkins of Smith county says she still can't believe what she saw Saturday.

"We used it once," said Hawkins. "We were standing there and all of a sudden we saw this tree pick up and come inwards and we actually thought it as going to come in on us, and it just fell right there on the RV."

Little did Hawkins know, it was actually two trees that fell on her RV, and it was the same story up and down her street.

"It came through here in like seconds, just boom, like lightning and heavy rain down pouring sideways," said Tommy Riddle of the Northgate Mobile Home Park.

Fortunately, Hawkins says the trees did not damage her mobile home.

But her RV getaways...

"We were planning another trip, but that's been cancelled now," she laughed.

At least now, this jungle Jane can smile about it.

At one time over the weekend, Oncor reported more than 2200 customers without power from Saturday's storm.

That power has since been restored.

Molly Reuter, reporting.