A New Superintendent Signs on to Lead Tyler Schools

21 days ago the only superintendent finalist left on TISD's list was Dr. David Simmons.

Since then, the former Texas City superintendent has undergone weeks of public scrutiny by those inside the district and leaders in the community.

The school board gave its approval Thursday night that Dr. Simmons is the best man to lead Tyler schools academically. The new superintendent of the district's 17,000 students agreed to his $145,000 contract at the school board meeting. In addition, he will get $800 a month car allowance, retirement benefits and a $7,500 yearly, longevity incentive.

Dr. Simmons says he's ready to get down to business Monday morning, challenges and all.

"There are a lot of different interests. There are a lot of different thoughts as to what we need to be doing in TISD," says Dr. David Simmons, new TISD superintendent. "And so as a superintendent, you have to try to bring all different group points to the table. You can't always accommodate all those points, but it's helpful to know where different folks are coming from."

The school board will be setting goals in the next 90 days for Dr. Simmons in his job as superintendent and ways to evaluate his performance.

How does Simmons' $145,000 annual salary compare to what the former superintendent earned? Donald Gentry retired making about $129,000 a year.