Alleged Stalker of Young Girls in Tyler Arrested

Numerous Tyler parents who say their young girls were harassed by a stalker, are able to breathe a sigh of relief.

After issuing a warrant late Thursday afternoon, Tyler Police arrested 23-year old Clifton Crawford on felony stalking charges.

Parents say Crawford terrorized their daughters with vulgar and threatening language.

"Basically he told my 13-year-old that he was going to have sex with her and he put his hand on her shoulder," says Belinda, mother of a victim. "It scared her to death."

Crawford's known for riding his bicycle through central Tyler neighborhoods. Parents and police say, at first, he tries to be-friend teenaged girls, some even younger than that. They say he meets them in parks, churches and local stores, but then Crawford allegedly turns to stalking.

"We tried talking to him," says Stacey, harassed by alleged stalker. "We thought that would help and it just seem like it would get worse. He even went to the point saying it was my fault that he could not have the little girl that I came in between them. All I was trying to do was protect the child."

"It started with people wanting to be friendly with him," says officer Chris Moore, Tyler Police Department. "In a way, he has turned and taken advantage of good natured people."

Crawford's bail on the stalking charge has been set at $30,000. Tyler Police say, as more alleged victims come forward, additional charges could be filed.