Check Fraud Scam Ends In Three Arrests

Three people are in jail after Whitehouse police break up their small, but elaborate counterfeit check scam.

The suspects, Tye Daugherty of Kilgore, Connie Marie Payne and Shad Jones allegedly used a Tyler attorney's account information to create faulty checks. Whitehouse police believe one of the suspects is related to a woman who was a client of Miller's.

Officer Mike Gromatzky with Whitehouse Police Department says they've already issued a warrant for the woman's arrest.

Seven transactions, totaling $20,000, were made on Miller's account in just two days time.

"They thought the tellers wouldn't be paying attention," said Officer Gromatzky with Whitehouse Police Department. "Fortunately for us, those tellers were paying attention."

Bank tellers grew suspicious a day after the suspects started cashing the checks. They soon realized the checks looked different than the ones Miller's uses. Each check was written out to Tye Daugherty, but Connie Payne made the transactions.

Once police found Tye, she led them to Connie Payne and finally Shad Jones. Police say Jones was one of the ring-leaders. He was arrested after leading police on a brief chase Wednesday night.

Officers found drugs, a knife, scanners, blank payroll checks and cash inside Jones' hotel room.    Southside State Bank has put the money back into Miller's account, they will end up taking the loss, says Miller.