Two Blue Ribbon Award Winners

It's something for everyone at M.A. Simms, and a lot if you like meat. Within the M.A. Simms Clothing Store at 2018 S. Broadway is the Cap Ranch Gourmet Deli.  Cap Ranch is near Mineola... the meat comes from that family operation right to the store.

Molly Nelson: "Nothing is shipped here. Everything we put on our sandwiches and on our meat cases it's all finished right here in our federally inspected meat plant."

It is Mr. Wonka's factory for those who like beef, or pork, or ribs, or turkey legs. It's everywhere.

"I think that's what makes it so fun, we have people who buy turkey legs for their concession stand at Canton, we have people who buy hamburger, people who are buying steaks, for the Friday night cookout at home."

And they keep everything... from back to front very clean.  Molly credits her associates, they're basically part of the family.

"They just truly feel that the company is their own and they take ownership and they just want to serve them a quality lunch in a clean atmosphere."  That's what gives M.A. Simms the Blue Ribbon.

"It's a lot of work for us and when most people get to eat we don't get to eat, we're cleaning and doing things like that,"  says Brad McConnell of Bodacious B-B-Q at 1879 Troup Highway.

They won one of the first Blue Ribbon awards more than four years ago. And countless chops of beef, slices of turkey, scoops of beans later... the customers are happy, and so are the workers. \

"We're fortunate enough to have good employees who treat the store like it's their own, and they really do a good job for us."  It's rare for a restaurant to have two Blue Ribbons.

"We just try to work hard at doing it, lots of elbow grease." The customers take notice, their busiest time of day is lunchtime.  They have fun while they keep a clean kitchen, and that's what it's all about.

"It's a blast, it's a total blast, customers are really nice and it's really nice when customers see the cleanliness of the place, it makes us want to do a better job too," McConnell says.