Patriots Start Season Against Old Friends & Teammates

There's no better way to start the season than by introducing your team to some old friends.

Sunday, the UT Tyler volleyball team held their second annual alumni game, with this year's team squaring off against the former Patriot all-stars.

For this year's Patriots it's a good chance to get their first game under their belt, and learn from the originals.

"They add an element of fun to it," Patriots coach Kristee Phelps said. "They come in with nothing to lose, they have fun with it. That's a little hard for my players to understand, that they also have to come in with that mentality."

"It was kind of weird at first," Patriots middle blocker Amanda Hanson said, "because it was like, 'aren't you supposed to be on our team?' It's a lot better playing against someone you know than having to play your first game against complete strangers."

The alumni won their second straight game, beating the current Patriots in five sets.

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