Pine Tree Marines Come Home

It was a big celebration and welcome home ceremony for three East Texas marines, high school alumni who traded in their school books to defend our freedom overseas.  With family, friends and patriot guard members on hand to welcome them, three weary warriors made it home to Longview.

"I was told this was a small get together, and I was just like oh no," said marine Lance Corporal Tyson Mabry.

"I was shocked I was expecting my mom, to get the whole street lined with flags was pretty great," said fellow Marine Lance Corporal Logan Houshmand.  All three are Pine Tree grad's, Houshmand and Mabry graduated together in 2006 and joined the marines.  Fellow Marine Joshua Boggs was already in the military, and the three formed a friendship in Iraq.

"When you're over there, it's just like I wonder if anybody knows, or cares, then you come hope and see a welcome reception," said Boggs.  "It;s like alright people really do care."  The welcome home was more than they ever expected, and it let them know their service is not forgotten at home.

"Sometimes you think maybe people forget, or don't agree with what's going on its good to see especially in a small town that your family, friends, are here to support you when you come home," said Houshmand.

"Oh, it was a big relief,"said Houshmand's mother Maria.  "It was just like relaxation.  I could breathe again because the whole time I was on pins and needles."  They've done their family and friends proud, and are just glad to get a thank you.

"It's very good to be home," said Boggs.  All three soldiers are going to be stationed state-side for a while.  They're scheduled to report to Fort Worth on Tuesday.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.