Domain Names

Here are seven tips from Steve Plunkett with Ballistic Web Design in Tyler.

1. Make sure you are the REGISTRANT (this is the owner of the domain,

should not be your ISP, host or web development firm.)

2. Know who your domain is registered with. (Verisign/Network Solutions,

register.COM, tucows, etc.)

3. Be careful on ANY correspondence via e-mail regarding your domain

outside of your Host/ISP/Web Development firm.

(some domains are controlled via e-mail)

4. Never EVER respond to a FAX regarding your domain name before

checking with your Host/ISP/Web Development firm.

(you might not need the .au or versions of your name)

5. It is ok for your Host/ISP/Web Development firm to be the Admin,

Technical and billing contacts for your domain as long as you are the

REGISTRANT. (the owner of the domain)

6. It is sometimes a good idea to get variations of your domain name.

(common spelling mistakes, .net and .org versions if your domain is a


7. $5 domain name registrations are NOT a good idea. (a company could go

out of business and then you are stuck with NO domain name.)

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