Prayer walk set for Longview after murder highlights harsh realities of crime there

Cynthia Weaver was found dead early Wednesday morning outside of the Newgate Mission in Longview. She had been shot twice.

KLTV 7 has learned the suspect arrested in the case, 18 year old Andrew McCoy, was registered as a Longview high school freshman.

But the story, today, is about the victim, and the reason behind a the memorial that's grown over the past few days. KLTV 7's LaKecia Shockley found out.

"I just...I couldn't stop crying," said Glenda Townsend, crying. "I couldn't understand why somebody would want to hurt her."

Glenda Townsend was one of Cynthia's friends here at Newgate Missions.

"She was like a little kid, you know. Her mind set was like a child. She never did anything to anybody," Townsend told us.

To remember Cynthia, Newgate Missions has lined their building with teddy bears.

"That's what she loved...she loved stuffed animals so in her memory, a lot of us went out and brought stuffed animals and put them there for her," said Wesley Moore, another friend of Cynthia.

For Joel Helfin of Newgate Missions it's hard too look at the memorial and it's even harder to know that a young teenage boy is accused of taking Cynthia 's life.

"It was his eighteenth birthday yesterday, when he was arrested, and and now we have two lives lost instead of one. It's sad to see the cycle of violence keep on continuing in these communities."

Now, Newgate is on a mission to stop the violence in Longivew by holding a prayer walk.

"We're tried of seeing children committing crimes like this. I really hope people will wake up and do something before it's too late don't wait until the violence spills into their neighborhood. I want them to come down here and support all of Longview and say we're going to stand together in unity against this violence," said Helfin.

Again, the Newgate Mission is holding a memorial in honor of Weaver and a prayer walk next Tuesday at 10:00 am.

LaKecia Shockley, reporting.