TISD holds convocation for teachers preparing for new year

All employees of Tyler ISD gathered today for a convocation before the start of school.

This years theme "One Passion...One Purpose" recognized the efforts of all and as KLTV 7's Danielle Capper found, encouraged the teachers as they prepare for their students.

Thousands filled Green Acres' sanctuary Thursday, their passion contageous.

"It's a lot of spirit and a lot of love here today. I think it's a good rally to have all of TISD come together," said Rodney Curry a teacher at John Tyler.

"Progress for us, remember, is measured one student at a time one day at a time. Your goal is to make sure you take those children from where they come when they walk in your room, one step every day. And if you do that at the end of the year you're going to see huge progress in your kids throughout the year. And you can measure that," said TISD Superintendent of schools, Dr. Randy Reid.

Dr. Reid spoke of how a teachers' job has never been more difficult, with kids coming in with more distractions now than ever. So, TISD is modifying how to reach them.

The administration has provided us with a new curriculum called C-Scope. All of the campuses on the same page. We are all teaching the same thing. It's all done online," said Alicia Fowler, a 1st grade teacher at Ramey Elementary.

The program basically has all the teachers on every campus in the same grade level teaching the same thing.

"We have been preparing all summer. We have worked many, many weeks training, preparing so that when the students come they are definitely going to be walking into a prepared classroom," said Amanda Randolph, a teacher at Stewart Middle School.

Many teachers describe their job as a calling and responsibility.

"We give all that we can that we exhibit that passion everyday on everyday basis, so that our students can see that we are passionate about them and passionate about their learning and I think that that passion if they see that from us, we are going to see greater success from our students."

"Just to be able to see the achievement and improvements of my kids through the year. And see where they start at the beginning of the year and where they end up at the end is always really amazing," said Fowler.

Refreshed, encouraged, and ready for a new school year.

Another new tool for the teachers is called TIPS, or Teachers Involve Parents In Schoolwork. Classes begin across the district for TISD coming up this Monday, on August 25th.

Danielle Capper, Reporting dcapper@kltv.com