TK Gorman's girls' basketball coach suspended

Amidst allegations of an inappropriate relationship, a girls' head basketball coach has been suspended.

29 year old Michael Burks has been the TK Gorman coach for the past three years.

A report was filed late last week with the Smith County Sheriff's Department. The allegations involve a non-Gorman student.

The school has suspended Burks pending the outcome of the police investigation.

"The school is not investigating an allegation per-say. It belongs in a police jurisdiction. We want it to work through it's process that way and then we wait so were not conducting an simulations investigation. We let that take precedence," said Principal James P. Franz of TK Gorman.

The statement on TK Gorman's website says:

Recently, allegations of an inappropriate relationship with an underage non-Gorman student have been made against Coach Michael Burks.  During the police investigative stage of these allegations, Mr. Burks has been placed on suspension.  Any concerns about this issue should be directed to the Gorman principal or police authorities.

Danielle Capper, reporting.