Man faces charges for over 70 marijuana plants

An east Texas man arrested for growing marijuana plants on his property for personal use may soon face more charges once the pot has been dried and weighed. Today, KLTV 7's Danielle Capper spoke to authorities about the tip that led them to over 70 marijuana plants.

A tip lead the Smith County investigators to a rural driveway.

"The narcotics division decided to go to that residence and do a knock-and-talk," said Lieutenant Larry Wigington of the Smith County Sheriff's Department. "As we were driving up the road we noticed marijuana plants on the side of the driveway. At that time it gave us probable cause to do what we needed to do."

They asked 55 year old John Daniel Miller III if they could search.

"Then as we got consent to search we went around back and scattered out through the property. They were growing in tires, old tires and a little bit inside the house," said Lt. Wigington.

In all, authorities searched three acres, finding 71 marijuana plants and remnants of leaves drying inside the home.

Miller told authorities that he was expecting them.

"He told us he would give us permission to search because he knew that we were coming sooner or later," said Lt. Wigington.

But authorities didn't find any scales, or any other indication Miller was selling it.

"He said it was because of the cost. He said he could not afford to buy it so he grew it himself for his personal use," said Lt. Wigington. Authorities estimate the haul is worth about $100,000.00, but will have to wait about a week for it to dry to weigh it and know just how much there really is.

"That is a lot of personal use," said Lt. Wigington.

Miller has been charged with possession of a controlled substance - more than 40 ounces and less than five pounds - a state jail felony.

Danielle Capper, reporting.