Update: Both sides rest in Patrick 'Booger Red' Kelly trial

The trial of Patrick 'Booger Red' Kelly will go on at least for one more day. Kelly is on trial for his alleged involvement in the Mineola child sex ring. KLTV 7's Layron Livingston was in court today where both the state and defense rested their cases, but not before jurors got one more day of testimony.

Even after 12 days of testimony, there was still more to be said. The defense called more of its witnesses to the stand.

"Are you aware that there's been allegations that you're a member of the Mineola Swingers' Club?"

"Yeah, I heard about that yesterday."

"And have you ever been to the Mineola Swingers' Club?"


David Arguijo says he lives in Mineola and knows where the club is. He also says the first time he saw the defendant, Patrick Kelly, was in the courtroom from the witness stand.

After the defense rested its case, it was the state's turn, calling two more rebuttal witnesses.

One of them, a CPS supervisor who worked the case.

They also called a former foster parent of the one of the child victims to the stand.

"She said that she had to put on clothes and dance sexy."

In court, she read from a statement she immediately typed after one of the child victims' made her first outcry, something the defense later pounced on.

"Nowhere in this statement does it say Patrick Kelly, does it?" asked the defense.

"No," came the answer.

"Nowhere in this statement does it say Booger Red, is that correct?"


The state eventually rested its case today, and soon, jurors will have to decide if Patrick 'Booger Red' Kelly is guilty or innocent. Closing arguments are expected to begin tomorrow morning. Then the jury will go into its deliberation.

This trial is just for the charge of engaging in criminal activity, though 'Booger Red' Kelly also faces other charges in relation to this case. The future of those charges may very well depend on what happens in this case.

Layron Livingston, reporting. llivingston@kltv.com