Defense calls psychologist to the stand in 'Booger Red' Kelly trial

It's week three, and testimony continues in the trial of the third Mineola child sex ring defendant. Patrick 'Booger Red' Kelly was back in court today. He's charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child for his involvement in the sex ring. KLTV 7's Layron Livingston tells us what happened in court today.

Today, court began with much of the same. More Mineola swingers took the stand, and they pretty much had the same thing to say - that they never saw the defendant, Patrick Kelly, inside the Mineola club. They say they also never saw children inside the building they call 'The Retreat'.

"Did you recognize this person?"


"Did you ever see two children rubbing on themselves?"


"Did you ever see children rubbing on baby dolls?"

"I didn't see any children, period."

Outside the presence of the jury, the defense called its own expert, licensed psychologist Dr. Matthew Ferrara. At issue are the taped interviews conducted by Texas Ranger Phillip Kemp with the child victims. He says the allegations made by the children in this case could be, "unreliable," which goes to the heart of the state's case.

"I will stay away from whether or not they are credible," said Dr. Ferrara. "What I will do, however, is just talk about the techniques themselves, and the likelihood that they produce unreliable information."

Ferrara was later allowed to be questioned before the jury under restriction. He testifed about the presence of foster parents during the interviews, something he says isn't common, and can lead to suggested answers.

But as for reliablity - that will be for the jury to decide. More children also took the stand today. This time, they were relatives of the alleged child victims. They testified they never saw the club or performed any dances.

Layron Livingston, reporting.