Two injured by masked gunmen in Sulphur Springs shooting

Two east Texans are in the hospital after they were shot in their apartment.

Authorities say three masked men entered the apartment at one this morning in the 200 block of Houston Street in Sulphur Springs, just past the intersection of Church Street.

That's when, according to authorities, the masked men opened fire on the two young white males whose identities have not been released.

Authorities say they do not know if anything was taken, and they do not have a motive.

One other person was inside the apartment, but was not injured.

"There are three suspects we are looking for. We have some really good leads, really good information that has come in. My guys, along with the Sheriff's employees and the Texas Rangers are knocking doors talking to people and trying to find out who is responsible for the shooting", said Chief of Police Jim Bayuk.

The two men shot suffered non-life threatening injuries. Sulphur Springs police asks that anyone with information contact them.

Danielle Capper, reporting.