Make-A-Wish fulfills local young man's dream of being a Marine

An east Texas teenager is now a cancer survivor.

Saturday, 13 year old Kyle Drott of Whitehouse underwent his last round of chemotherapy.

But, that's not all Kyle has survived. You may remember that The Make-A-Wish Foundation granted Kyle's wish to attend Marine boot camp.

East Texas' newest Marine is now back from the South Carolina Boot Camp and shares his experience with KLTV 7's Molly Reuter.

"This is the picture of the sword that I got," says Kyle.

From pictures, to certificates, to medals, 13 year old Kyle has turned his bedroom into a museum of Marine Corp memorabilia.

"The eagle globe and anchor. It's what every Marine wears."

Since he was 9 years old, Kyle says he's dreamed of putting on the Marine Corp uniform and going to Parris Island.

"It was a lot different then I expected, like, ok, we have to show the cancer patient around. But on the second day I couldn't really even eat my lunch because I kept on having to turn around and shake people's hand," said Kyle.

"To see their appreciation for him and his goals and his values and his dreams was amazing," said Amy Drott, Kyle's mother.

Kyle says he met the top dogs at Parris Island, including the General.

And on his spare time...

"We got to go to their rappelling tower and got to rappell about three times and then we went off to their martial arts area, we got to see demonstrations and they taught us different things."

To Kyle, his week at boot camp was more than just obstacle courses and training. It was a chance to forget about his cancer, and live a dream.

"The Marine Corp and Make-A-Wish combined, they gave me five days of being off treatment while being on treatment, so it was five days of freedom, and I will never be able to thank them enough," said Kyle.

Kyle says he wants to thank every Marine he met during his time at Parris Island. And when asked if he'd do it again, Kyle said oh yeah - ten times over!

Molly Reuter, reporting.