The Ginsu Knife: "Does It Work?"

It's one of the grandfathers of "As Seen On TV" advertising. We're talking about the Ginsu Knives. And this week, they're in the spotlight as we ask the question... "Does It Work?"

The advertisements say they're the only knives you will ever need. They've claimed to be a cut above the rest for years. With the help of Ken Jefferson we'll find out for ourselves.

First we tried the test that's been on TV for years-- cutting through that aluminum can. Guess what. It worked. "Wow," said Jefferson. And just like on TV, we tried cutting a tomato immediately after the can. "That works nice," Jefferson said.

Test number two: Tougher than the toughest loaf of French bread, we put the Ginsu bread knife up against a thick cardboard gift wrap tube. Worked like a charm.

The pearing knife did a number on an apple we had brought along.

The Ginsu Knives were 3 for 3!

Six knives come in the set: the utility knife, bread knife, pearing knife, boning knife, the slicer and the chef's knife. So does it work? Would Mr. Jefferson spend his money on it? "Yes it works and I would buy it. Yes."

And what convinced him most? The same thing that's sold this set for years. "Probably the way it cut through the can and then went back and cut through the tomato," Jefferson says. "That was impressive to me." We think they're pretty sharp! We give the Ginsu Knives a "yes". You can get the set for about 35 dollars.