Man Killed In Altercation with Police

A Winnsboro man is shot and killed by police after refusing to drop his weapon. The incident took place inside the "Del Ray Heights" subdivision Monday night.

Authorities were called out to the home of Jimmy Lee Lane, 36, on a domestic disturbance call. Police Chief James Whittiker says Lane's wife informed them that her husband had both a gun and knife in his possession.

Police searched the property when they arrived and found Lane sitting in a tent in his backyard. Officers demanded that Lane come out. When he finally stepped out of the tent, officers say he approached them in a threatening manner, holding a knife in his hand. Officers repeatedly asked Lane to drop his weapon, according to one neighbor who witnessed the shooting. But when Lane refused, an officer fired one shot at him.

Chief Whittiker says that shot was not enough. Lane not only stayed on his feet, but Whittiker says he moved toward another officer with the knife still in his hand. That officer fired four more shots until Lane finally fell to the ground.

"The officer in fear for his life continued to fire as long as a threat to his life was prevalent, which there was a threat with him holding the knife," said Whittiker. The shooting is now being investigated by the Texas Rangers and the Wood County Sheriff's Department. Their results will be turned over to a Wood County grand jury.