Mission Possible: Rowell Completes Cross-Country Bike Ride

With a bicycle and a backpack, Longview's Eric Rowell set out on an American adventure in June.

He rode his bike cross-country for charity.

Sunday night, Eric and his group finished their journey, riding to the shore in Seattle, Washington.

Their journey began on June 4 in Providence, Rhode Island. With the "Bike and Build" charity Eric's team would stop every five or six days of the trip, and helped a local home building charity.

After 75 days of biking, Eric flew to El Paso to join his family. KLTV 7 Sports spoke to Eric about the fantastic moment he finished his journey.

"It was pretty cool," he said. "All 31 of us rode in together and we hit the beach at the same time. We took off and ran into the water. It was a big group hug. Just a really cool moment I think that I'll remember forever."

As for the strain of riding more than 3,000 miles on a bike, Eric admits it was tough to finish.

"Some days were a lot harder than others," Eric said. "It was definitely good that I wasn't trying to do this by myself. Having friends there to help me definitely made it easier. There were definitely days that you just wanted to stop but you just kept pressing on."