Pettigrew Ready To Step Up As Cowboy Veteran

Red Raider turned Oklahoma State Cowboy Brandon Pettigrew is expected to be part of this year's NFL draft. 

Pettigrew  is the top tight end in the Big XII conference and it is already predicted he will be a first round draft pick. He had some off the field problems with an arrest last January for alleged assault and public intoxication.

Brandon said that's behind him and he's moved on. He decided to forgo the draft  in 2008 and stay for his senior year at OSU. 

Brandon plans to step up this year as a leader and a veteran.

"I think I have to because I'm a senior now," he said. "I've got guys looking at me. So, when practice is falling off a little bit I'm going to have to say 'let's go fellas, you know we need to pick it up a little bit.' I know they are looking at me so I have to. I have to."