Investigation Continues In Minister's Wife's Murder

The investigation into Monday night's murder of  35 year old Marla Tabb started to take shape on Tuesday. After 24 hours of gathering evidence, investigators have ruled out several motives. There does not appear to be any forced entry into the couple's parsonage behind the First United Methodist Church. Sexual assault is unlikely, and they also doubt theft as a motive.

Mike Lusk of the Smith County Sheriff's Department says, "At this point in time, it does not appear that anything was taken. We can't absolutely verify that but it doesn't appear so at this point."

Marla Tabb struggled with her assailant, and was beaten to death in her own master bedroom. Authorities believe one of the couple's children was in the house.

Investigators have not officially identified a prime suspect in the case. "We have not named a suspect at this point," Captain Lusk said, "I will tell you that the husband of the victim has retained a local defense attorney."

As of yet, no one has been charged in the murder of Marla Tabb.