Green Street Bridge overpass causing problems for Longview

The hits just keep coming for an east Texas bridge. We're talking about the Green Street overpass bridge in Longview.

As KLTV 7's LaKecia Shockley shows you, it's an overpass that some east Texas drivers just can't seem to get under.

It's the lowest 80 year old overpass in Longview.

"That thing is lit up like the Empire State Building!"

But still some drivers just don't see it.

"They still hit the bridge...I'm flabbergasted," said mayor Jay Dean.

Garbage trucks, vans, and even buses try to cross under the 10 foot bridge, and they all get stuck.

It's puzzled Longview mayor Jay Dean so much, he's thinking about writing a book.

"It's going to be called 'Driving under the Green Street Bridge for Dummies'. I mean, what else can you do?"

"That's the overpass that eats cars, trucks, and u-hauls," says Lee Guice.

Engineer Lee Guice owns the building right next to the bridge and has seen his share of incidents.

"We've seen a truck load of caskets get spilled in the road. Luckily, the caskets were empty. There were no people in them," said Guice.

"We've seen people have to go out and let all the air out of their tires to get un-jammed. That's not infrequent at all."

With flashing lights, bright yellow striped plastic pipes, and clear warning signs it's hard to believe some truck drivers still attempt to drive under the bridge. So why do they do it? the city says drivers simply don't pay attention.

"It like a Christmas tree. I mean they got ornaments hanging everywhere. I mean how can that not get your attention?"

The city's says they've done all they can to warn drivers, and to raise the bridge would cost millions.

"If you can't see the hanging dowels, the flashing lights, the signs - I just don't know what to do for people."

Mayor Jay Dean says he's looking into fining drivers who hit the bridge because they are not paying attention.

LaKecia Shockley, reportingl.