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A Better East Texas: You’ve Got Comments

I am here today to announce a new feature on our website - kltv.com - that I hope you will take advantage of.  Brad Streit and I regularly receive feedback relating and reacting to these commentaries through viewer mail, email, phone calls and other means and we appreciate every one of them. 

 Well, now you have another tool to give us feedback and voice your opinion on the subjects we discuss.  Our internet team has created a form at the bottom of each commentary where you can submit your thoughts on that topic. 

 Now, you do have to create an account to post a comment so just go to our home page and in the upper left hand corner you can click on the link to create an account.  This is a simple to use function and I hope that you will take advantage of it - whether you agree or disagree with the position I take. 

 Criticism or compliments - I'll take them all because our freedom to have this type of dialogue and debate is what distinguishes us from many other countries and we at KLTV want to make the most of that freedom.  So log today and post your thoughts - by doing so you will make this a better East Texas.

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