Neighbors React To Murder of Minister's Wife

Here's some background information we were able to confirm about Minister Mike Tabb and his family. Mike Tabb grew up in Tyler where his parents still live. He and his wife have two children both boys, one is two years old...and another was born just 6 weeks ago. For the past four years, he and his wife Marla were stationed out of Camp Lejeune, North Carolina--where Tabb was a Navy Chaplain.

Neighbors who lived near the Tabb's say they are especially surprised by such a brutal murder. Nestled in what's usually a quiet Troup neighborhood, folks like Gracie Dowdy--are left feeling frightened for their safety, "To have a preacher wife right here, almost in my front door be killed," she says. "It makes you nervous, real nervous and uncomfortable." The discomfort only begins to describe her feelings, "If they can go in the house like that and kill somebody, they're liable to come into my house and kill me."

A few houses away from eye's view of the Tabb home--is Mable Altmeyer. Last night her grandson feared falling asleep, "He put the gun on the coffee table and a baseball bat and he was going to protect me and the girls last night," she says.

While this community is left with many questions. Church members mourn the loss of a life they just welcomed into their family, Marla and Mike had only been with the church for about two months. A member with the church's administration board, who didn't want to be identified told us how the church is coping. He says, "This is a complete shock, we're handling it by everyone pulling together and supporting each other and praying for the right guide."

The two children are now said to be with their grandparents. We're told Mike also spent the day with his family in Tyler. Funeral services are expected to be held this Sunday for Marla Tabb.