Capital murder charges expected after shooting in Lufkin kills one, injures another

One person is dead and two others injured after a robbery attempt becomes violent outside of an east Texas restaurant.

It happened at the Catfish King on South Medford Drive in Lufkin.

Officers say when they responded to the shooting call last night, they found two victims that had been shot during an attmepted robbery. Restaurant manager Katherine Jeffries and another man, Keith Labrozzi, were leaving with the night deposit. A suspect was in the parking lot, and then shot at Jeffries, hitting her in the foot. Labrozzi had a handgun on him and he and suspect began firing at each other. Labrozzi was shot several times and died at the hospital.

Jeffries was treated but survived. The suspect in this case is in the hospital being guarded by lufkin police. He has undergone surgery for his injuries.

The suspect's name in this case is not being released, until detectives can file capital murder charges, which are expected today.

Lufkin Police Lieutenant David Young spoke exclusively to KLTV 7 News this morning about the latest on this investigation.

"Mr. Labrozzi had come to pick up the victim. Mr. Labrozzi died a short time later," said Lt. Young.

"It's just not right, people go to work, and come home and somebody wants to rob somebody to get life through the easy way," said the assistant manager of the Catfish King, Karen Smith.

We are told the manager is expected to survive after sustaining a wound to her foot.

The suspect was caught and taken to the hospital. He is also expected to survive.

Information from KTRE - Cathryn Khalil /