Dog survives swallowing fish hook

It was one fishing trip that almost killed an East Texas man's best friend.  Ed Pauley of Lake O' the Pines is used to having his dog by his side when he fishes, but last week his four legged friend just didn't look right.  That's because his dog has swallowed a fish hook.

He is a pint-sized bundle of energy named Cody, barely three pounds, but a familiar site at the Bullfrog marina every weekend with his owner Ed.

"He's my companion, I can go from room to room he goes with me, if I go out the door he sure wants to go," said Pauley.

"He's the sweetest dog in the world, everybody loves Cody, couldn't ask for a better friend," says Pauley's fishing friend Bubba Romine.  Last weekend Pauley and his friends were fishing off the dock when he looked back and saw fishing line hanging from Cody's mouth.

"Oh I don't know really what I thought right then, but I knew I had to get it out," said Pauley.  Cody had swallowed treble hook, or triple pronged hook, which can be deadly for dogs.  Pauley rushed him to a Longview vet and after a two hour surgery Cody was back in business.

"He had to have it out, and I'd do anything I could," said Pauley.  For both, the bond between owner and dog is strong.

"He's just like a member of the family," said Pauley.  "If you've got children, you've got to take care of them, if you've got a dog, you've got to take care of them," said Pauley.  From now on, Pauley says he'll keep Cody away from fish hooks.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting.