East Texas Bigfoot researchers skeptical of Georgia find

Crypto-zoologists around the country are hoping a Georgia find turns out to be an earth-shattering scientific discovery, but there is already skepticism by East Texas Bigfoot researchers.  Two Georgia men claim a carcass they found in the Georgia mountains is the legendary Bigfoot.  Friday in California, they revealed what they say is DNA evidence and photos from the capture.  East Texas Bigfoot researcher Mike Hall who has been on several bigfoot expeditions says he's just not sure the captured creature is the real deal.

"At this time I am skeptical of anything that comes out of this story," said Hall.  "The goal of any real researcher in this field is allow the national media access immediately and any scientist, anthropologist, biologist zoologist, who has any interest in learning about this is giving them free access without question and not be so secretive."  The body of the animal has not yet been released to be examined.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting. bhallmark@kltv.com