Nearly 1,500 kids receive new shoes for school

More than 1,000 East Texas students are starting off on the right foot for the new school year. Thanks to a local church, they received new shoes Saturday at a huge event held every year. These students, however, walked away with a lot more than just a pair of shoes.

Preparing these kids for school, plus helping their parents who are struggling to buy school supplies.

"Right now they're trying to figure out can they put gas in their tank, do they pay their electric bill, so this really lifts a burden off of them," said event organizer Holly Primrose.  Lanes Chapel received $1,500 in donations this year, allowing them to buy all these new tennis shoes.

"We've had numerous stories of how children are just overjoyed and excited to get a new pair of shoes," said Primrose.  "Most of them are busting out the seams, you can't tell what size they wear anymore, we literally have to trace their foot and take it to the store to match the shoes that they need."  Church members say it's much more than just meeting this physical need.

"A lot of these kids don't go to church, they don't know anything about church, or Jesus, or God," said event chair Candi Turney.  "By us having it at the church and by providing the shoes and the games and the food and all the fun, we're hoping they'll remember that church is a good place to go, and that they'll come back eventually."  Showing a little bit of God's love and sending them off on the right foot.

Lanes Chapel takes donations all year long to pull off this event.  For more information go to the "Know More on 7" section on our homepage and click on the link "Feet First for Kids."

Courtney Lane, Reporting.