Commenting now available on all news stories

So you've read a story on or seen a story on our newscasts, and now you want your voice to be heard.

No problem.

Viewer commenting is now available at!

You can leave your words of wisdom, perspective, advice and opinions on all of our news stories on

At the bottom of every story, you'll see an area titled Comments. See the bottom of this story for an example. You'll need to create an account to comment. It's simple and easy to do, and we will never share your email address without your permission.

This new features also allow you to rate stories, create user profiles, follow other people's comments, and a lot more! reserves the right to delete or reject any comments that are insulting, demeaning, or off-point. We welcome your participation in our community, so help us keep it as welcoming as possible by keeping your comments civil. You can notify us of any inappropriate comments by clicking the Mark as Offensive link under every comment.

We hope you enjoy this new interactive feature!

Cathryn Khalil, news producer /