Birthday ends with jail for mom who got daughter to drive her to the bar

It's an unusual case of child endangerment. Longview Police say they arrested a Longview mother, Jennifer Lynn Rosenberg after she had her 12 year old daughter drive her to a bar...and that's not all. Police say the woman then let her daughter drive home alone!

KLTV 7 Bob Hallmark has more on how Rosenberg's birthday celebration turned into jail time.

It was her 35th birthday, and she went to a bar to celebrate - but how she got there, police say, is what is disturbing.

"It's shocking to find that any parent would show that much bad judgement regarding their child or lack of judgement regarding their childs well being," said Officer Kevin Brownlee of the Longview Police.

For whatever reason, Rosenberg had her daughter drive her to a saloon on Eastman Road, and then drive home. This is not just around the corner, it's several miles from her home.

"We had a child who dropped a parent off at a bar and then drive herself back home by herself."

The child was spotted driving as a 12 year old would. Police say she ran into her home when she pulled in the driveway.

"He noticed the vehicle ran into the house, no one was injured," said Officer Brownlee.

Neighbors were furious, thinking about what could have happened.

"That really angered me and hurt me...That sends the wrong message all over town. Our kids need to be in school not driving mothers to bars," said Ervin Harris, a neighbor.

"Well I feel like it wasn't right , the mother wasn't responsible enough. She was wrong for letting her daughter do that," said Derrick Faggans, another neighbor. "I don't know who would think that was a good idea."

Rosenburg is charged with state jail felony child endangerment charges. If convicted, Rosenburg could face a maximum of two years in prison on felony child endangerment charges.

The child has been released to the custody of an adult supervisor.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.