Video: Cop tells man to 'chill out' as dog in need of emergency care dies in backseat

Yesterday, we told you about the traffic stop in San Marcos that may have cost a dog his life.

Now officials have released the dash cam video of that traffic stop, and say it was a rookie mistake.

"It's a dog, okay? you can get another one, relax. This is not your driver's license."

"He said, man you need to chill out, it's just a dog. And I said, what do you mean, it's just a dog? it's not just a dog, it's, it's, it's my family."

It was on August 5th that Michael Gonzalez and girlfriend were pulled over for driving 95 miles an hour. They were taking their poodle to the emergency vet.

The officer who pulled them over took 20 minutes to issue the ticket, despite their pleas that their dog was in trouble. The dog then died in the backseat of the car.

The San Marcos police chief said that while the incident was not handled properly he does not know if it violated their policy.

Gonzalez says he's told the ticket will be dropped.