Updated: Smith County responds to Wood County press release on Swinger's Club

As an alleged victim in the case was testifying, the Wood county DA's office released a statement on their investigation into the Mineola swingers' club, and it has some rather vague language.

Their statement says, among other things:

"Under Texas law, the investigation and prosecution of all criminal acts occurring in that club are-- without unusual circumstances--- solely within the statutory and consitutional jurisdiction of the Wood county grand jury and the Wood county district attorney's office."

KLTV 7 News asked Smith county DA Matt Bingham for his interpretation of this press release.

He says jurisdiction has never been an issue in the Kelly case, nor the other Mineola child sex ring cases, and the Wood county DA's office should be applauded.

"I don't take this as a slap at our office at all...I think Mr. Wheeler is very interested in determining whether or not there are crimes against children that occurred in his county. As he says in this letter, if there are, they will prosecute them vigorously."

This afternoon, we also tried to get a little interpretation on the release from its source, the Wood county DA, Jim Wheeler.

An despite repeated attempts, this afternoon - including sending a reporter to his office - we could not get a hold of him, to help clarify the release.

Layron Livingston, reporting. llivingston@kltv.com