Simmons' Resume Shows History of Moving

Tyler I.S.D. is one step closer to hiring the next Superintendent. Monday night, the school board finalized the contract they will offer Dr. David Simmons. While working on the contract, board members are taking Simmons' work history into account. T.I.S.D. hopes Simmons stays here longer than he's stayed anywhere else so far.

Dr. Simmons has never spent more than three years at a single district in his career. Since the 99-2000 school year Simmons has lead the Texas City School District near Houston. Before that he was Superintendent for two years in Wimberly. And the two years before that he was the head of Presidio schools. From 1982 until 1995 Simmons worked in 8 different districts, including one year as principal at Jacksonville High School.

Former Jacksonville Assistant Superintendent Roseanne Cunningham remembers Simmons fondly, saying he showed great promise as a "rising star in education."

"I was just really surprised that he left so quickly. But, on the other hand, when you see that someone is coming after you and saying that 'Please come and be my Assistant Superintendent,' that is a professional step for him."

Tyler's Board President, Maxine Coppinger is aware of Simmons pattern of short term stops across the state. "We are looking at a longevity clause in the contract and that clause will be incentive for him to remain in the district."

But, Coppinger believes Simmons wants to make Tyler the longest stop of his career even without the enticements in the contract.

"He specifically wanted his child to go to Lee as a freshman. And so, he's going to be very prudent about making sure that his children, because he is such a family man, receive continuing education in this community."

Only time will tell how much time Dr. Simmoms remains in Tyler. If the board approves Simmons contract, he could be given the job as early as Thursday and be at work first thing Monday morning.