Local retailers gearing up for tax-free weekend

The 10th annual sales tax holiday begins at midnight, Thursday. The event brings savings on clothing and shoes that cost less than a hundred dollars this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and that could draw in families with stretched budgets.

Today, KLTV 7's Danielle Capper went to Broadway Square Mall where store managers and mall personnel were prepping for the big weekend

"We are all hands on deck. I've got everybody I have on staff working all weekend we are all super pumped and ready for it. You know, ready for the crowds."

Michelle Ederer at Aldo Shoes says nearly everything in her store is part of the tax free sale this weekend, but they're doing even more to bring people in.

"We are actually running a special promotion, like all of our previous season sale merchandise is going to be an extra 50% off."

The mall has also been planning for this big weekend.

"You expect large crowds to come in. They are going to get a jump on their back-to-school shopping, especially with tax free weekend everyone is going to be here to take advantage of the special savings they can get on a lot of items," said Jennifer Sparrow, Broadway Square Mall's marketing director. "We are having prizes every hour Friday, Saturday, and Sunday."

Prizes that include $500 gift cards and special kid events like a mascot meet and greet. Many stores will open early and have extended hours to help customers.

"I mean on the one hand I know a lot of people are worried that it won't be as busy because the economy being what it is. But I also think that's going to make a lot more people come out for the extra savings, where maybe previous years they were like 'you know it's not worth the hassle, don't want to deal with the crowds, don't save that much money.' But maybe this year that little bit that they are saving is going make a big difference," said Ederer.

Danielle Capper, reporting. dcapper@kltv.com