Nightmares on Loop 323: Construction Reality through December

Tyler's South Loop 323 is one of the busiest areas in town.

And until the end of the year, the going will be a lot tougher. Construction is underway to get rid of the left turn lanes all the way from Copeland Road to Highway 155.

That's to stop people from turning, and also from crossing multiple lanes of traffic. The work is starting around Robert E. Lee High School, and it's hoped it'll be complete there by the end of this month.

But the headaches will work west through the busiest area from Broadway to Old Bullard... then off toward 155. The plan is to have everything done by the end of the year, even working Sundays, if necessary.

"We've allowed some options on this particular contract that we typically don't allow, we allow the contractor to come out and work on Sunday's if he chooses to to try to expedite the job," said Randy Redmond, area engineer for TxDOT.

And TxDOT says if the construction takes much longer than the December deadline, the contractor will have to pay damages.