Will The Baby Fat Go With the Baby?

It's often said an expecting mother has the pleasure of eating for two.

But a new study is reminding pregnant women,what you put on is hard to take off and can stick with you for years.

Expecting mother Rebekah Williams is right on track. Only 5 months along, and she's at her ideal pregnancy weight thanks to exercise.

"It really prepares you for labor because it keeps your muscles in tone," said Williams. "It keeps you in shape." Williams with permission of her doctor still plays tennis, swims, walks and does Yoga.

A new study reinforces the importance of mothers exercising during and after pregnancy. An article in the August issue of the Obstetrics & Gynecology journal shows the findings of two doctors who followed up on 540 women after child birth. They found women who exercised during pregnancy carried less weight after delivery, than those who had not.

Even more significant, the women who did not lose weight within six months of delivery, were still carrying 5 to 18 extra pounds than they carried before getting pregnant.

So what can pregnant women do to battle the bulge?

"What they need to be thinking about is getting those extra calories from good nutritious dense foods," says Mother Frances Hearts D' Lite Dietician Mandy Caid-Jefferson. "You know stick to your whole grains, starches, your fruits, your vegetables." And don't get your extra calories from a coke and a candy bar."

It's recommended that pregnant moms consult with their physicians before starting any type of exercise.