Kilgore Begins Clean-Up After Weekend Storm

Power lines snapped in two and trees fell over roadways, houses, and even cars over the weekend.

The high winds and rains that moved through East Texas Sunday night were a bit of a surprise.

The actual storm damage, caused by straight line winds, was mostly confined to a street in Kilgore called Longview street.

Jim Wilson like many in Kilgore feel lucky the damage wasn't worse, "A big strike of lightening hit somewhere around here and it wasn't two minutes before wind, rain and it came."

Lee Killingsworth was also frightened by the storm, "the wind started and the hail started hailing, pretty good hail and then it's nothing but a solid sheet of water just a solid sheet."

Trees were blocking roadways. The passengers of a pick up truck were trapped by a fallen tree. Power were lines snapped in two.

Crews worked through out the evening clearing roadways and restoring power.

"We were lucky. We had a tree fall on a truck up here. We had some minor injuries luckily no one's injured in those houses," says fire chief, Ronnie Moore.

The Kilgore high school was hit as well.

The school sign is blown off, the parking lot littered with tree limbs and the fence of the practice field is barely standing.

Homeowners like Jim Wilson were out early cleaning up, "I've been waiting on my wife to get back with some more stuff for the kitchen and i'm just out here in between time trying to get it all cleaned up. It may sit out here for two weeks before I get it picked up."

The clean up effort from Sunday's storm is expected to continue for the next several days.