Back-Door Burglar Possible Sex Assault Suspect?

Could the back-door burglar Lawrence Madlock also be responsible for a series of unsolved sex assaults and robberies in Tyler?

Tyler police have sent Madlock's DNA to a crime lab to find out. His DNA will be compared to samples collected from several Tyler sex assault cases. One of which happened at Autumn Glen Apartments in April. In that case, a woman's apartment door was kicked in and an intruder tried to attack her. The woman got away after biting the suspect's hand and calling 9-1-1. Police later sent the suspect's blood sample to a DPS crime lab in Garland for analysis.

Detectives have no evidence linking Madlock to those crimes, but say he used the same method of entry--kicking in a door--to burglarize a series of Tyler homes.

Police Chief Gary Swindle hopes to have those DNA test results in thirty days.