"Drink More Water" Advises Heatstroke Victim Thomas

On the first day of workouts, Quinton Thomas reached the breaking point.

"We did all our running workouts," Quinton explains. "We finally got done,  and then I fell over the finish line."

"I got his hand and I pulled him up," His father Quinn said, "and he stood straight up, took two steps backwards and he just fell."

"I thought I was just going to lay there for a little while, and I would be fine," Quinton said. "The second time when I tried to get up and fell back down, I knew something was wrong."

"We were driving to the fieldhouse, and I saw his eyes closing, he couldn't control them," Quinn said. "I got scared then."

"Once we got into the fieldhouse," Quinton said, "I don't remember anything until I was in the ambulance."

The ambulance took Quinton to a hospital, the next day he was flown to Dallas where he spent 24 hours in ICU.

"They told me I had a heatstroke," he explains. "And that my muscles were breaking down and filtering into my kidneys. My kidneys were breaking down, and my liver, too."

Theirony here is that Quinton was in good shape. The junior is a powerlifter who worked out all offseason for that day, but Quinton admits he made one mistake.

"I was in shape, but not drinking water. I just didn't have enough fluids in me."

"That Wednesday," Quinn said, "they told us he was a blessed kid, because he could have died."

Recovery for Quinton will take at least a month, but he's already got his eyes on getting back on the field.

"I've been going to the practices every morning since I got back, I've been rooting them on."

Reid Kerr can be reached at rkerr@kltv.com.